The firm which was founded by Roy Poliak in 1986, is a "Legal Boutique" specializing mainly in the Insurance discipline and in Labor relations, along with work in variety of legal fields.

The firm’s main activity in the field of Labor Relations focuses on providing consultation services on a regular basis to large organizations, who consider their employees valuable resource and promote enterprise development, starting with an employment agreements to employees, through the development of unique incentive compensation arrangements and end with consultation regarding termination of employment due to dismissal or retirement. These services are provided with wide reference to the broader organizational culture, business requirements and aspects of taxation and corporation laws.

The firm specializes in Pension Insurance and provides legal services on regular basis to many insurance groups in the Israeli economy, to leading pension insurance agencies and many employers. The firm has intensive working relations with the insurance and savings department at the Ministry of Finance.

In addition to the Firm's activities in Insurance and Labor Relations, it gives its customers a wide variety of services in Civil and Commercial law, including, inter alia, the establishment of corporations, drafting contracts and representation in transactions including real estate transactions, legal proceedings in the Supreme Court and in the Administrative Courts. The Firm has an expertise in the Media and Advertisement branches and in representing nonprofit organizations acting in the welfare and health fields.


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